His Holiness the Catholicose of the East attended the enthronement ceremony of the new Coptic Pope

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CAIRO: Coptic Orthodox Church enthroned its new pope Sunday in an ornate, three-hour ceremony on Nov. 18, 2012 attended by top officials from Egyptian government and hierarchs from Orthodox Christendom

Tawadros II, 60, was chosen the church’s 118th pope this month in long-awaited elections following the death in March of Pope Shenouda III, who was patriarch for four decades. The cathedral of St. Mark, the church’s founding saint, erupted in applause when the papal crown was placed on Tawadros’ head.

The Malankara Orthodox Church which is in communion with the ancient Coptic Church was represented by a full delegation headed by the Catholicos and Malankara Metropolitan, His Holiness Baselios Marthoma Paulose II on Sunday at Cairo on the occasion of the function that enthroned the newly elected Coptic Orthodox Pope of Alexandria and See of St. Mark, Amba Tawadros as the head of the Coptic Orthodox Church. The other members of the delegation are Dr. Gabriel Mar Gregorios Metropolitan, Fr. Dr. K. M. George, Fr. Abraham Thomas and Jacob Mathew.

The Catholicos was felicitated at the luncheon reception hosted by the new Patriarch after the enthronement. Meeting with him in a private audience, the Catholicos congratulated the new Patriarch and expressed confidence that he would be a beacon of light for the Christian community in the region, while continuing to build social solidarity amongst its various communities. He also invited him to visit the Malankara Orthodox Church in India at the earliest opportunity.

Delegations from the Vatican, the Ecumenical Patriarchate, Moscow Patriarchate and others have represented Churches from all over the world. Coptic Christians from different countries assembled at St. Mark’s Cathedral for the event. The presence of senior state dignitaries of Egypt underscored the national significance of the elevation of the new patriarch of the Coptic Church.

Amidst continuing tensions regarding the desecration of Christian Churches and the oppressive measures against the Christian population, St. Marks Cathedral and its surroundings are in a celebratory atmosphere. In the context of the Holy Liturgy of the Coptic Church, the Senior Bishop together with the Synod of Bishops elevated the former monk of one of the desert monasteries, to the throne of the Patriarch. The new Patriarch Tawadros II is shouldering a huge responsibility in the light of political and social unrest, in the region.

News reported by : Joji Ninan
Orthodox Herald

HH Catholicos visited Coptic Pope HH Thevdros II at Cairo

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