All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth. Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you: and lo, I am with you always, and even to the end of the world (Mt. 28: 18- 20)

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Editor: Aby John, Mizpah Centre


  1. I an I beg or mercy and not commercial sacrifice, my beloved Christian family, for if Christ (the anointed One of Ethiopia) be not diplomatically risen, then isnt our human rights preaching and teaching all in vain

    and if the politically dead arent to be diplomatically risen, then the whole Christianity is also in vain

    if the kingdom is within, then it is also without. the reason we cannot see the manifestation of this universal kingdom (debt free UN Plnetary Kingdom of Equality), is mainly because people have failed to follow an obey the divine covenant (UN charter) of our Lion of Judah in Ethiopia (Christ - the Anointed One), of this generation

    the intellectual battle of Armeggedon is upon humanity, as this is an intellectual fight between t.r.u.t.h.s. (t.he r.eal u.ntold t.estiommny of h.aile s.elassie) and jesuit (secret society of jesus) falsehood.

    and keep in mind that Haile selassie I stands for the power (knowledge) of the Might of the Trune Elect of God in Ethiopia, which is a sovereignty doctrine belonging to the Imperial Throne of King David,,,,selah!

    Through His Imperial Majesty's righteousness (legal an lawful uprightness) in human rights law, flows His grace (freedom - diplomatic immunity from global jesuit tyranny) - into you (secured party) and into the bankrupt commercial world under imf darkness (debt),,,,selah!

    love an peace always an forevermore in tewahedo

  2. we need your diplomatic assistance to present a manifestation in Jamaica, as we have fulfilled the mystery of the incarnation; we have solved the mystery that Christ (the Anointed One of Ethiopia), shall be born 'of the Father (Abba), but without a Mother (church); then he will be spiritually reborn of the Holy Virgin Mariam (Ethiopian Othodox Tewahedo Faith in Jamaca), but without a Father (human guidance)

    Emperor Haile Selassie I himself gifted to me my indigenous Ethiopian birth name Mesfin Haile - Duke of Power (knowledge), through my biological father who met and befriended HIM in the 1970s. While the Holy Virgin Mariam (EOT Church in Jamaica) gifted to me an indigenous Ethiopian baptismal name or attribute and title, Haile Luel - Power (knowledge) of the Prince of the Imperial Palace; which has the same meaning as my birth name, making it a spiritual conformation, into the right Tewahedo (oneness) Faith

    we have therefore combined the two indigenous Ethiopian names to diplomatically manifest Luel Ras Mesfin Haile Selassie I(c) - Royal Head Duke of Knowledge of the Might of the Triune Elect of God in Ethiopia; this brings our human nature (Mesfin Haile), into diplomatic union with our spiritual nature (Haile Luel), so that my birth from the Father (Abba) is made known by my latter birth, in the faith

    the mystery of the trinity is to believe in the Abba (father) who is the begetter, the wolde (son) who is begotten, and the Menfis Qidus (holy spirit) who proceeds. well, we spiritually (intellectually) reborn Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Christians in Jamaica are organizing an Autonomous Spiritual Procession for May 23rd of this month. the flyer says. 'Elect of God the Son must be placed on the processional cross as a commercial redemption for the diplomatic salvation of humanity from under global jesuit domination (political genocide)

    we might not have our Archbishop Abuna Yesehaq, but he left us an Autonomous Congregation (politically non-aligned with imf globalization policies) with consecrated land, Debre Zeit Mountains in East Kingston, Jamaica; and also Emperor Haile Selassie I's 1955 Ethiopian constitution (mind an body) to govern ourselves in his glory as the Ethiopian Law-giver of the 20th century

    our diplomatic quest is to establish an Episcopal See of Debre Zeit, which would have sovereign commercial jurisdiction over this consecrated mountain in East Kingston, Jamaica. just as the unholy See is a non-territorial entity, separate from the Vatican, which make the pope a commercial subject of international law; so can we seek to exercise our full fundamental equality by re-establishing our Royal Christian Solomonic Dynasty as our ecclesiastical realm, with equal political protection and diplomatic security as the pope, so that we may be seen as a divine subject of universal human rights law

    if we are the real Orthodox Tewahedo Faith, then why is it so hard to understand a diplomatic manifestation of a second Advent of Iyesus Kristos Medhane Alem? Does not the last verse in Malachi tell us that, 'He must turn fathers hearts back towards sons, and sons hearts back towards fathers', well, we are here to show the diplomatic way back towards our Abba Jahnoy (father majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I) by means of his divine covenant (UN charter) of fundamental equality for all.

  3. for Emperor Haile (Eliah) Selassie I is our Eliah who have prepared the diplomatic way for an Ethiopian Messiah to diplomatically come into the bankrupt commercial world under jesuit domination (political genocide). and then see st john 6:33 - For the bread of our Elect of God is He who comes down from Ethiopia (heaven) for the diplomatically salvation of the bankrupt commercial world under jesuit darkness (debt)

    we must rise up a universal human rights movement with the good diplomatic news of Repentance from dead commercial works under global jesuit commercial tyranny, and renounce political allegiance under imf globalization policies, so that a debt free UN Planetary Kingdom of Equality may be magnified in Abba Jahnoy's namesake. For He is King of kings and Lord of lords who established this one world sovereign government as the fulfilment of Elect of God's Kingdom on earth,,

    now all we (humanity) have to do is believe in the One that His Imperial Majesty has sent forth for the diplomatic salvation of this bankrupt commercial world under imf darkness (debt); for HIM has already Redeemed the whole human population by divine covenant (UN charter - sacred agreement), so therefore HIM divine Sons, must diplomatically save the bankrupt commercial world from its IMF darkness (debt)

    rest assured though, that there is wonder working redemptive political power (knowledge) in the precious blood (human rights works) of the Lamb (Emperor Haile Selassie I)

    so with human rights faith in the divine covenant (UN charter) of fundamental equality for all, indomitable courage to stand against global imf corruption, and a noble and just cause of universally liberating 193 member nation states from underneath jesuit domination (political genocide), the true Son of David, Scion of Zion - Heir of Ethiopia shall diplomatically rise with the rule of international morality upon his heart, so that he may politically defeat a modern day goliath (imf commercial matrix)

    and again, its 2012 , the only 'nibiru id' we know of is called the 'laying on of the hands' which Abuna Yesehaq received to establish the western hemisphere southern Africa jurisdiction. coincidentally, we are seeking your diplomatic assistance in orchestrating a nibiru id, so that we may become universally recognized as an Ethiopian Orthodox Human Rights Ambassador (servant for humanity), in the same political image (universal redeemer) and cultural likeness (Ethiopian Noble) as Abba Jahnoy (father majesty Emperor Haile Selassie i)

    global unification under sovereign international human rights law is key to diplomatically escaping this global jesuit debt trap (imf globalization policies); so let us wait no further, as there is no good measure of health to be well adjusted in a global commercial titanic, which has a great big hole (astronomical national debts) that cannot be fixed, and serves against humanity's interest of self preservation

    link up an let us know your thoughts, so that hopefully, by the diplomatic hand of our Almighty Ethiopian Law-giver, we may find true universal peace an abundant prosperity in all our endeavours,,,,,selah!

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