Egypt's president to attend Coptic Pope enthronement: Bishop Pachomios

New head of Coptic Church will be inaugurated on 18 November, President Mohamed Morsi promises to attend 'time permitting', confirms interim Pope

Bishop Pachomios, interim Pope (Photo courtesy: Al-Ahram)

Cairo, Wednesday 31 Oct 2012: The enthronement of the Egypt's new Coptic pope will be held on 18 November, Bishop Pachomios, the acting patriarch, told Al-Ahram Arabic news website, Monday night.

A verbal invitation to attend the inauguration was sent to President Mohamed Morsi, Bishop Pachomios confirmed.

"[Morsi has] shown interest in what is taking place within the Church and promised that time permitting, he would attend the inaugural ceremony or visit later."

The interim pope further expressed his contentment with the papal elections that took place on 29 October, thanking God for listening to the prayers of the Copts.

"The altar lottery will be held on 4 November, after the Holy Mass," he said.

The 'altar lottery' is the final stage of the selection process. A blindfolded child will randomly select the name of the church's next pope from a clear box containing the names of the three papal candidates on three slips of paper.

The final three nominees, as elected by over 2000 chosen Coptic electors on Monday, are Bishop Raphael, Father Raphael Ava Mina, and Bishop Tawadros.

courtesy: Ahram Online

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