Final Three Papal Candidates Announced for Altar Lot

Cairo, October 29, 2012: After a very well organized and orderly day where events unfolded as expected, a total of 2256 out of 2417 (93,3%) eligible voters came to cast their vote. The final results were announced by H.E. Metropolitan Pakhomious:

- H.G. Bishop Roufail 1980 votes

- H.G. Bishop Tawadros 1623 votes

- Fr. Roufail Ava Mina 1530 votes

- Fr. Serafim Al-Souriany 680 votes

- Fr. Bakhomious Al-Souriany 305 votes

Based on these numbers the three candidates from whom the next pope will be chosen are:

- H.G. Bishop Roufail

- H.G. Bishop Tawadros

- Fr. Roufail Ava Mina

The altar ballot will take place on November 4th after a three-day global fast from October 31-November 2. At the conclusion of a liturgy prayed by Metropolitan Pakhomious, a blindfolded child will pick the name of the next Pope from amongst these three candidates.

We pray that the Lord may manifest His Will to us.

The Coptic Orthodox Diocese of Los Angeles

Profile of Candidates

H.G. Bishop Roufail
1. Bishop Raphael: Auxiliary bishop of central Cairo and Heliopolis, a former aide to the late Pope Shenouda III, and a member of the Coptic Church's Holy Synod. Born in Cairo in 1954 and a graduate of Ain Shams University's medical faculty, Raphael was ordained bishop in June 1997.

Age: 54, Born in Cairo, Egypt, 1958

Education: M.D., Ayn Shams University, Pope Shenouda III Seminary Graduate.

Ordination: A monk at Paramous monastery in 1990 under the name of Fr. Yostos,

Ordained a General Bishop in 1997.

Profession: Medical Doctor

Prior Name: Michael Aryan Halim

2. Father Raphael Ava Mina: A monk at Alexandria's St. Mina Monastery (Mar Mina). Born in Cairo in 1942, Father Raphael has a law degree from Ain Shams University.

Fr. Roufail Ava Mina

Age: 70, Born in Cairo, Egypt – 1942

Education: Law Degree, Ayn Shams University

Ordination: Ordained a monk in 1969, 43 years.

Profession: Chosen as a personal deacon for HH Pope Cyril VI after graduation

Prior Name: Raphael Sobhy Tawfik

3. Bishop Tawadros: Auxiliary bishop for Beheira, and auxiliary to ِArchbishop Pachomios (who is currently serving as acting Pope). A member of the Holy Synod, Tawadros was born in 1952 and studied pharmaceutical sciences at Alexandria University. He was ordained bishop in 1997.

H.G. Bishop Tawadros
Age: 60, Born in Mansor, Egypt – 1952

Education: Pharmacy Degree, Alexandria University, Seminary School Degree

Fellowship with International Health Institute, England.

Ordination: Ordained a monk in St. Pishoy Monastery 1988, and a General Bishop 1997

Profession: General Manager, Governmental Pharmaceutical manufacture, Damanhour

Prior Name: Wagih Sobhy Baky Soliman

Two monks failed to make the final round:

1. Father Seraphim El-Syrian: A monk at Wadi Natroun's Virgin Mary Monastery. Born in 1959 in Cairo, He has a science degree from Ain Shams University. Father Seraphim El-Syrian lives in USA.

2. Father Pachomios El-Syrian: A monk at the Virgin Mary Monastery in Wadi Natroun. Born in Aswan in 1963, Pachomios holds a joint degree in science and education. He lives in Italy.

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