New Armenian Patriarch of Jerusalem will be elected in November

H E Aris Shirvanian

YEREVAN, 2012 OCTOBER 25, ARMENPRESS: The issue regarding the election of the primate of the Armenian Apostolic Church’s Eastern Diocese of America Archbishop Khazhak Barsamyan as a new Patriarch of Jerusalem is not certain yet. For becoming the new Patriarch of Jerusalem Archbishop Khazhak Barsamyan first of all needs the votes of the members of the council and he himself must have a desire to become a new patriarch. Vicar of the Armenian Patriarch of the Jerusalem Archbishop Aris Shirvanian said this in a conversation with "Armenpress".

Vicar of the Armenian Patriarch of the Jerusalem Archbishop Aris Shirvanian said: "Funerals of the deceased Patriarch are over now and 40 days after his death, the election of the new patriarch will be held. It’s difficult to say who will become the new patriarch, as no announcement regarding the candidacies is made. Secret ballot is held at the council, where 5 candidacies are involved and after the second votes one of these 5 will become a patriarch."

On October 12 Armenian Patriarch of Jerusalem Archbishop Torkom Manoukyan passed away. He was a chairman of "Religion in American Life" Council. He also was a member of the council of directors of "Call of Conscience” foundation.

He was the author of more than 20 monographs including three books of poetry, a study on Armenian Devine Liturgy, books dedicated to the Armenian Genocide and detailed guide to the holy places of Jerusalem. The deceased Patriarch was a prominent expert on Komitas.


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