Armenian Apostolic Church blesses weddings of its adherents alone

YEREVAN, OCTOBER 15, ARMENPRESS. Armenian Apostolic Church does not encourage interreligious marriages, but neither prohibits them. In this respect religious adherence of a couple is of a certain importance. This was said in a conversation with "Armenpress" by General Supervisor and Director of the "Hayordats Tner" Organization of the Armenian Apostolic Church Archimandrite Komitas Hovnanyan. Father Komitas said: "If one of the couple is a Muslim, then how can he marry a Christian? It is the same as a Christian girl goes to marry in a Muslim Mosque, what is no way acceptable. You cannot marry until you don’t accept the preaching of any church, not only that of Christian church".
In the opinion of the priest, at the marriage of a couple Armenian Church takes into consideration adherence of those persons to Armenian Apostolic Church. The archimandrite said: "Only those who adhere to Armenian Apostolic Church, who are believers of the Armenian Church. Therefore, our church is never engaged in proselytisation, thus there is no tradition of converting representatives of other nations into Armenian Apostolic Church". Holy Father added that this is the reason our church is called national.
There is no prohibition for second marriage, notwithstanding, there are some limitations. Archimandrite Komitas Hovnanyan said: "In cases of the absence of a spouse without any news for seven years, or in case of death of a spouse or if wife or husband cannot have children second marriage is allowed". 


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