Mar Coorilos Aphrem Karim is the new Patriarch of the Syriac Orthodox Church Of Antioch

Patriarch Elect Ignatius Aphrem II Karim

Beirut, March 31, 2014: The Synod of the Syrian Orthodox Church Of Antioch has appointed Mar Cyril Aphrem Karim as the Patriarch of the Church. He be the 123rd Patriarch.

The Synod of the Syriac Orthodox Church Of Antioch which was held in Beirut on 31st March 2014, under the presidentship of Mar Severios Hawathe of Baghdad and Basra who is the Locum Tenens (Kaymakam), selected the successor of St.Peter in the Apostolic See of Antioch who is the Supreme Head of the Syriac Orthodox Church Of Antioch.

He is to take charge only after Easter and will be known as Mar Ignatius Aprem II. The new Patriarch is currently serving as the Archbishop and Patriarchal Vcar of the Diocese Eastern United States of America.

Talking to Malayalam language Indian T.V. channel Manorama News, the new Patriarch said that he was worried about the strife in the Middle East and lamented that Christians were having to move away from these places. He also said that the challenges that Christians were having to face was a matter of grave concern. He added that he would like to ensure unity of the Malankara Church even though the problems involved were grave and needed unity and cooperation from all quarters.

He was born in Kamishly, Syria on May 3, 1965, as the youngest son of Mr. & Mrs. Issa Karim.
On Sunday, January 28, 1996, he was consecrated as Metropolitan and Patriarchal Vicar to the Archdiocese of the Syriac Orthodox Church for the Eastern United States, by His Holiness Patriarch Zakka I Iwas.

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