EOC sets timetable to elect 6th Patriarch

Addis Ababa, 07 February, 2013: The Ethiopian Orthodox Church (EOC) said it has set a timetable to elect the 6th Patriarch from Feb.8-March 3, 2013.
According to the timetable, a weeklong prayers will be served beginning from this Friday in connection with the election of the Patriarch.
Followers of the EOC, Sunday school students and the clergy can propose the would be Patriarch from 8-15 Feb. 2013.
Those residing in foreign countries can send name of the would be patriarch through fax numbers 011-156711 and 011-1580540.
Nearly 800 archbishops, department heads of the patriarchate office, ancient monasteries and churches, clergy, followers of the EOC and Sunday school students will vote for the new patriarch.
The election will be held on 28 February 2013 and the result will be made official same day in the evening. On the third day, the new Patriarch will be sworn in at the Holy Trinity Church here.
Ethiopian News Agency (ENA)

EOC patriarchate sets February 28 for patriarchal election
Written by Alazar Shiferaw

Addis Ababa, 08 February 2013: The Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church Patriarchate Head Office Electoral Committee announced yesterday that the 6th Patriarchal election would be conducted February 28,2013.

Briefing journalists at the patriarchate yesterday, the Committee Head and Jimma Diocese Archbishop Abune Estifanos said that among all potential candidates, only five would be selected to run for the 6th Patriarchal election. Abune Estifanos added that the winner would be made official at 6 pm the same day.

The enthronement would be held March 3, 2013 at the Holly Trinity Cathedral.

Abune Estifanos further indicated that the 800 voters who participate in the election would be drawn from archbishops, representatives of ancient monasteries and 53 dioceses as well as the faithful, Sunday schools and the clergy.

Delegations from Oriental Orthodox Churches, the World Council of Churches, the elderly, among others, would observe the election.

Voters cast their ballots in person to the candidate of their choice. Those residing abroad can nominate candidates by fax 011-1567711 and 011-1580540 February 8 -15, 2013.
Ethiopian Press Agency/ The Ethiopian Herald

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