EPRDF expresses deepest condolences over death of EOC Patriarch

Addis Ababa, August 20,2012: The Ethiopian Peoples' Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) has expressed its deepest condolences over the death of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church (EOC) Patriarch Abune Palos.

According to EPRDF Council Secretariat, leaders and the entire members of the Front have learnt the death of the Patriarch with shock.

The Council said His Holiness had executed remarkable jobs in ensuring peace, engaging public in development endeavors and brining religious tolerance.

The Council noted that Abune Paulos effort in bringing political parties together in respect and unison for national agenda was grateful.

The Council expressed gratitude for the passion of Abune Paulos to support the needy ones, provide caring to patients and active engagement of the church in wide range of development activities.

The Council said Abune Paulos would be remembered for ever for his religious leadership here and abroad, steadfast work to consolidate peace, cooperation and friendship among the people of the world, tolerance and co-existence among various religions.

The Front has lost a great leader, the Council said and expressed its belief that EOC father and leaders should follow His Holiness suits to consolidate peace in Ethiopia and Africa and in the world.

The Council called on religious father and leaders of the EOC to continue their leading role in speeding up development and safeguard the welfare of human beings.

The Council said leaders of the Front wished solace to families and relatives of Abune Paulos, religious fathers and followers of the EOC.

Ethiopian News Agency (E N A)

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