Message from their Holinesses and Beatitudes the Patriarchs to their Communities and Citizens in Syria Message from the Heads of Churches their Holinesses and Beatitudes the Patriarchs to their communities and citizens in Syria

Their Holinesses and Beatitudes Ignatios Hazim IV Patriarch of Antioch and All the East of the Greek Orthodox. Mor Ignatios Zakka I IWas Patriarch of Antioch and All the East for the Syrian Orthodox. Gregorios III Laham Patriarch of Antioch and All the East and Alexandria and Jerusalem of the Greek Melkite Catholic.
The Patriarchs met at St Ephrem the Syriac Monastery in Ma’arat Saydnaya on the morning of Thursday 15th December 2011. They examined the situation which our beloved country Syria is passing through for the last nine months of events.
The Patriarchs explored the events and its outcomes which have caused pain and suffering to the country and to the people in all aspects of life.
The Patriarchs expressed:
- their deep pain about what is occurring, and their sorrow for the loss of the lives.
- their fear about the decline of the economic situation.
- their acute wishes to see Syria recovering its wounds
The Patriarchs hoped that:
- citizens of Syria may come back to each other in love, tolerance, cooperation and wisdom.
- the nation’s interest may favor any other interest
- the people may return to their authenticity and heritage, and to their conscious and faith in dealing with each other; and in solving their problems by their own.
The Patriarchs rejected all sorts of foreign intervention from any foreign party.
They called for lifting up the sanctions which were imposed on Syria under any excuse.
The Patriarchs rejected resorting to the use of any type of violence.
The Patriarchs called for:
- peace and reconciliation between all the people under the name of God and the nation.
- respect the principles of justice, freedom, human dignity, social justice and citizenship rights.
The Patriarchs encouraged the steps of reforms and positive actions which the government has lately recognized.
The Patriarchs are lifting up their warmth prayers, in one mouth and one heart, to God Almighty so that He may:
- bless the souls of those who died
- console the hearts of those who lost people
- protect Syria and guide it to the shore of safety, peace, sovereignty, and prosperity
The Patriarchs are calling on everybody to join them in their prayers. They ask people not to let the fear enter their hearts because not one single piece of hair will fall from the heads without God’s permission, as our Lord Jesus Christ taught us.
During this Advent times, their Holinesses and Beatitudes are approaching all their spiritual sons and daughters, as well as the citizens of Syria with wholehearted wishes. They are asking the Lord Jesus, the God before all ages, who took the flesh of humans for our salvation, to place in our hearts the joy and peace which the angels proclaimed at the night of Jesus’ birth; together with the intercession of the Mother of God Mary, everlasting Virgin and all the Saints.

St Ephrem Monastery – Ma’arat Saydnaya – Syria
15 December 2011

Courtesy: syrianorthodoxchurch

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