Pope Shenouda III urges US not to destroy Palestinian statehood 'dream'

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas
presents a gift to Pope Shenouda III before their meeting in
Cairo Egypt, Tuesday, Sept. 13, 2011.Credit- str

Coptic pope calls for balanced US policies on Palestine and rejects foreign interference in Coptic affairs

Cairo, Monday 26 Sep 2011: Egypt’s Coptic Patriarch, Pope Shenouda III, has urged the US to pursue balanced policies in regards to the Palestinian crisis and to support the Middle East process, during a meeting with US Ambassador, Anne Patterson, on Monday.

The Pope also asked the US not to destroy the Palestinian dream of having a state recognised by the international community. The Pope made the statement after meeting with the ambassador in the Coptic Cathedral in Abbassiya, Cairo. During the meeting, the Pope also expressed his rejection of any foreign interference in the internal affairs of Egypt, especially regarding the situation of Copts.

It was Patterson’s first visit to the cathedral since she was stationed in Egypt last August.

Pope Shenouda rejects foreign intervention in Egyptian affairs

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