Armenian Patriarchate of Jerusalem Issues Communiqué Following General Assembly of the St. James Brotherhood

18 November 2010

What follows is an English-language translation of the official Armenian-language communiqué issued by the Armenian Patriarchate of Jerusalem, following the General Assembly of the Patriarchate's St. James Brotherhood, which convened November 15-18, 2010.


The 19th session of the General Assembly of the Brotherhood of St. James in Jerusalem was convened in the tahlidj of the Patriarchate from November 15 to 18, with His Beatitude Archbishop Torkom Manoogian, Patriarch, presiding and 28 members of the Brotherhood participating.

His Eminence Archbishop Khajag Barsamian, Primate of the Eastern Diocese of the Armenian Church of America, was elected as Co-Chairman of the General Assembly, a task that he carried out capably.

The General Assembly was presented with the Financial Report of 2010 and the Proposed Budget for 2011. The Brotherhood carefully reviewed the Financial Report, and accepted and approved the Proposed Budget for 2011 by majority vote.

During the course of 2009-2010, the Executive Council [Dnoren Zhoghov] had held 40 routine sessions, during which the members had discussed issues concerning education, real estate, finances, the Dominical sites, public relations, ecumenical relations, local departments and others, about which the General Assembly received a report and appreciatively accepted it with an absolute majority vote.

During the meeting various issues and proposals of interest to the Brotherhood concerning real estate, finances, Bylaws were taken into consideration, and a partial election was held to replace the members of the Executive Council whose terms had expired.

The General Assembly heard reports and explanations concering Soorp Nikoghayos [Nicholas] Monastery of Jaffa, Soorp George Monastery of Ramle, Soorp Hreshdagabedats [Archangels] Monastery of Jerusalem, Soorp Hagop Church in the Armenian Monastery in Bethlehem and the basic renovations in Soorp Tarkmanchats [Translators] School. Mr. Yossi Avner, the attorney of the Monastery, presented explanations about various real estate related issues connected with Soorp Krikor Loosavorich Church in New Jerusalem and clarified all the concerns that the members of the Brotherhood had. The status of Soorp Krikor Loosavorich Church in New Jerusalem remains unchanged under the jurisdiction of the Armenian Patriarchate.

The Very Rev. Fr. Pakrad Bourjekian, the Dean of real possessions, presented the report for the Real Estate Department of the Patriarchate and answered questions from all the members of the Brotherhood. The General Assembly accepted with appreciation the explanations of the Dean of Real Estate Possessions.

During the meeting His Beatitude the Patriarch presented a memorandum to the officers of the Assembly and the Chairman read His Beatitude's wish: taking into consideration the situation of his health and the future of the Monastery, he proposes to the General Assembly of the Brotherhood to consider the issue of electing a coadjutor Patriarch and towards that end articles fulfilling the stipulations of the Bylaws to be prepared. He also advised that the Chairman, Archbishop Khajag Barsamian, chair the committee of this segment of the Bylaws Committee. It is the wish of His Beatitude that approval of the articles to be added to the Bylaws be given in March of 2011.

Besides this, the General Assembly of the Brotherhood elected a new Bylaws Committee in order to amend the Bylaws of the Holy See during the course of next year.

After examining the plan to construct an income generating guest house on a plot of land on the Mount of Ascension that belongs to the Monastery, the General Assembly of the Brotherhood gave its consent.

The General Assembly of the Brotherhood expresses its appreciation to His Beatitude the Patriarch, to His Eminence Archbishop Nourhan Manoogian, Grand Sacristan, and to the Co-Chairman of the General Assembly of the Brotherhood, and the secretaries.

The General Assembly of the Brotherhood expresses its appreciation to the members of the past Executive Council and to its Chairman Archbishop Aris Shirvanian for services rendered.

The General Assembly of the Brotherhood congratulates the newly elected members of the Executive Council, wishing them success in their endeavors.

The General Assembly of the Brotherhood noted with appreciation the activities of the Education, Holy Sites, Real Estate and Finance Departments and thanked all those that gave their best for the benefit of the Holy See.

The General Assembly of the Brotherhood prays to God to keep the Holy See of St. Etchmiadzin unshaken, and give a long life to His Holiness Karekin II, Catholicos of All Armenians.

The General Assembly of the Brotherhood prays to God to always keep under his shadow the Holy See and give good health to His Beatitude Archbishop Torkom Manoogian.

The General Assembly of the Brotherhood thanks all the members of the Brotherhood who have turned their immediate concern to the welfare and prosperity of the Holy See.

St. James Brotherhood with its Presiding head thanks all those who have contributed to the prosperity of the Holy See by means of material and moral assistance.

The General Assembly of the Brotherhood ended with a positive and constructive spirit. The General Assembly of the Brotherhood's 19th session ended with the Holy See's anthem being chanted in standing position and after the Dismissal prayer of the Patriarch.

November 18, 2010
Divan of the Holy See [of Jerusalem]


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