H H Aram I, Catholicos of the Holy See of Cilicia of the Armenian Church visits H H Ignatius Zakka I Iwas,of Syrian Orthodox Church of Antioch at the St. Ephraim, the Syrian Monastery in Damascus

2009 October 20, Damascus, Syria:
His Holiness Aram I Catholicos of the Holy See of Cilicia of Armenian Orthodox Church visited the His Holiness Ignatius Zakka I Iwas, Patriarch of Syrian Orthodox Church of Antioch at the St. Ephraim Monastery in Ma`arat Sayy'dnaya near Damascus on Tuesday the 20th October. The Armenian delegation was received at the Monastery entrance by H.E. Mor Philexinos Mathias Nayis, the Patriarchal assistant and Director of the St. Ephraim Theological college, priests, monks and students of the seminary.

After a warm welcome, the His Holiness Ignatius Zakka I Iwas introduced His Holiness Aram I as a strong ecumenical leader who Moderated the Executive and Central Committees of the World Council of Churches for two terms and described him as a dynamic force in the meetings of the Heads of the Oriental Orthodox Churches in the Middle East and its standing committee. His Holiness the Patriarch Ignatius Zakka also added that their cooperation has strengthened the contribution of Oriental Orthodox Churches in bilateral dialogues on theological, dogmatic and other issues with Christian world communions.

Thanking Patriarch H.H. Ignatius Zakka-I, the Catholicos Aram –I emphasized the centuries old strong ties between their two Churches, which was rooted in common Christological, dogmatic and theological principles. The Catholicos Aram –I also wished the Patriarch H.H. Ignatius Zakka-I a long life and success in leading the Syriac Orthodox Church of Antioch.

After responding to the questions from the audience, the visit ended with a banquet organized in honor of His Holiness Aram I and his delegation.

H H Aram I, Catholicos of the Holy See of Cilicia visits H.B. Ignatius IV (Hazim) of Antiochian Greek Church

The visit to Syria of His Holiness Aram I also included meeting with H.B. Patriarch Ignatius IV Hazim of Antioch and all the East.

In Antiochian Greek Church place His Holiness Aram I and his delegation were received warmly. H.B. Patriarch Hazim and the Catholicos Aram I discussed interchurch relations in the region and the situation of the Middle East Council of Churches (MECC). The Patriarch hoped that the MECC under the Presidency of His Holiness Aram I will be reorganized and restructured so that it will serve the churches in the region in their witness for peace.

His Holiness Aram I meets Patriarchs Ignatius Hazim IV and Zakka I Iwas


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