Ethiopian Patriarch expresses sorrow over death of Serbian Patriarch

Patriarch of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, Abune Paulos expressed heartfelt sorrow over the death of Serbian Orthodox Church Patriarch Pavle. The patriarch died on Sunday November 15, 2009 at the age of 95.

At a program held in Serbian Embassy here on Wednesday November 18, Abune Paulos, who is also President of the World Council of Churches, said the death of the Patriarch is not only a loss for the Serbian people and the Church but also for all Christians.

The late patriarch has contributed a lot for the world peace and for the unity of people as well.

He said the good deeds of the patriarch will always be remembered. Abune Paulos also wished solace to the people and Orthodox Church of Serbia.
Serbian Ambassador to Ethiopia, Dragan Momcilovic expressed gratitude to Abune Paulos for expressing his condolence over the death of the patriarch.

photos -
(1) Patriarch Pavle (Pictured, Left)
(2) Abune Paulos (Pictured, Right)

Source: The Orthodox Church.info


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