Police lathicharge at Piravom

Kottayam, Oct. 19: A reception was given to H.H. Baselios Didymus I Catholicos of the East and Malankara Metropolitan and the seven bishop elects of the H.Church on 19 October 2008 at Piravom Valiyapally H.Holiness offered prayers at the Kuishupally.

Before the reception there was a rally from the Piravom Catholicate Centre. The rally which was done very peacefully was lathicharged by the police near the Valiyapally. After that Metropolitans H.B Paulose Mar Milithios, H.G. Geevarghese Mar Ivanios and H.G. Dr. Thomas Mar Athanasios entered the kurishupally and later joined by H.H. Baselios Didymus I. After prayers a meeting was held there.

Eventhough the Orthodox Church have full rights over the Piravom church through court orders the Police and other government authorities are not supporting it. Even today the RDO (Revenue Divisional Officer) has given sanction to hold the meeting in the hall of Piravom Valiyapally. But the police refused the people to enter the church premises.


Kudumba samgamam

The Piravom St Mary's Orthodox Church (Valiya Pally) Kudumba samgamam was convened at the St.Mary's Kurisupally (chapel) in the old bus-stand. This was planned to celebrate on 5-10-08.

The Jacobite wing planned a Kudumba samgamam in the Parish hall so as to participate their Sreshta Bava and many bishops with the hidden intension of receiving them in the Church itself. In return the Orthodox wing decided a parallel function. And the dispute was discussed before the RDO (Revenue Divisional Officer) Muvattupuzha with the both parties and the Police. An agreement arrived not to enter any bishops of both parties in the Church in connection with such meetings and giving chance to arrange a meeting of the same manner on a further date at the parish hall itself. So the orthodox side withdaw staging a peaceful rally on 5th from the meeting.

This Orthodox Kudumba samgamam meeting was fixed on 19-10-08 with the knowledge of the RDO and the persons signed the agreement from the Jacobite side. Later Jacobite wing came with protest not allowing the parish hall. But orthodox wing went ahead with the meeting. Today the Police blocked the road towards the church premises and prevented the orthodox rally going further in front of the St.Mary's Kurisupally in the old bus-stand.

The people sitdown on the road in the heavy rain. And the meeting was convened in the Kurisupally. H.H. Catholicose Baselios Marthoma Didimus I, addressed the people and gave his apostolic blessings. H.G. Poulose Mar Milithios, Catholicate Designate, H.G. Dr. Thomas Mar Athanasius, diocesion bishop (Kandanad East), H.G. Gheevargese Mar Ivanios, Kottayam also spoke in the occation. The new bishop designates also attended the function.

A huge members of the church with so many priests attended the rally and the meeting in spite of the heavy rain poured from the beginning of rhe rally. Police lathicharged a section of the rally unnecessarily, on provocation of the CAFA people thowing stones to the police. Some are admitted in various hospitals due to injuries. The meeting protested against the brutal lathicharge of the police without any provocation from the people attended the rally.


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