Abba Seraphim send condolence message over death of H. Em. Metropolitan Marcos

London -- Primate of the British Orthodox Church Metropolitan Seraphim sent a condolence message over the demise of His Eminence Metropolitan Marcos of the French Coptic Orthodox Church to Bishop Athanasios, Auxiliary Bishop of the Holy Metropolis of Toulon and All France, Assistant to His Eminence Marcos.

Upon hearing the news of the sudden death of His Eminence Metropolitan Marcos, Abba Seraphim wrote immediately to Bishop Athanasios,
“Having just received the sad news of the passing of my very dear brother, Abba Marcos, I write at once to offer you my heartfelt sympathy at his loss and to assure you of my prayers and those of my flock for his repose.

I am told that many of the Coptic websites in Arabic are already full of messages expressing grief at his passing and praising his many years of devoted service to the Coptic Church. I am delighted that his ministry is so widely recognised, as great responsibility for the spread of the Coptic Church in Europe belongs with him. If the Copts have much for which to thank him, then so do many others. His warm ecumenical spirit and open hearted approach to other Christians was not only a good witness to our own church but also helped others to discover the spiritual riches of the Coptic tradition. Having cared for a generation of Copts settled in France, he then extended his ministry beyond the diaspora and brought the Coptic Church to Europeans who desired to embrace the Faith.

My own memories of him over the years are many and happy. He was a generous and warm-hearted companion; gracious in his speech and manner; kind to those who sought his help; discerning of the riches of our Christian heritage, whether Eastern or Western and with a humble simplicity which drew people to him. I value the good spirit which enabled us to co-operate fully at all times, to discuss our concerns and to agree a common mind in mutual practical and prayerful support. I shall miss him.”

The New Primate of the French Coptic Orthodox Church

His Grace Athanasius


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