H E Thomas Mar Makarios Metropolitan Injured in a Car Accident in London

HE is in a critical condition at New Castle General Hospital, Newcastle, UK.

Dewalokam: His Eminence Dr. Thomas Mar Makarios, Metropolitan of the Indian Orthodox Diocese of Canada-UK-Europe has been injured and hospitalized at Newcastle General Hospital outside of London following a serious car accident. The accident took place in Newcastle as His Eminence was going to the Newcastle Airport on Saturday, January 5, 2008 to return to London. Another vehicle hit the passenger side where His Eminence was seated. His Eminence had just declared a new parish in Sunderland during his annual pastoral visit to the UK and Ireland.
His Eminence remains on a ventilator to assist his breathing and remains stable.
Arch Bishop Thomas Mar Makarios is one of the senior Metropolitans of Indian (Malankara) Orthodox Church, residing at Episcopal Diocesan House in Buffalo in New York, USA.
In 1979 he was appointed as the bishop of America and Canada. This diocese was devided in 1992 as two dioceses by name Diocese of America and Diocese of Canada, UK and Europe. Since then he was ruling the Arch Diocese of Canada, UK and Europe as its Arch bishop

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